Debtors Not-So Anonymous: An Interview with Julie D. Andrews

Written by Taylor Brown on . Posted in Business, Career & Entrepreneurship, Issues

Most women find themselves on the same path financially. Until the end of university, their financial situation is seldom up to them. Their parents take care of the finances until, well until they don’t. Unfortunately, this usually happens in an abrupt manner. School is over, we’re expected to get jobs, get apartments, pay our bills […]

Seeds of Success; or How a Dishwasher Led to the Butler Bag

Written by Amy Kisaka on . Posted in Business, Career & Entrepreneurship, Issues

When an idea begins to take root in your mind, an idea that could really go somewhere, there is a certain rush of euphoria – which comes with the knowledge that you are on the cusp of something brilliant. Entrepreneur, author and business visionary, Jen Groover says it’s a sensation that every entrepreneur becomes addicted […]

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