What I Learned from My TEDx Talk

Written by Jessica Ekstrom on . Posted in Issues

In all honesty, I didn’t sleep a lick the night before my TEDx talk. Every time my eyes would start to close, I’d envision my clicker suddenly crumbling in my hands, or the audience in blank stares after I throw out my best joke. It also didn’t help that I had lost my voice a […]

Your Mommy Brain, Your Money Brain And Feeding Both

Written by Alex Kvaskov on . Posted in Business, Career & Entrepreneurship, Health, Fitness & Wellness, Issues, Money Mondays

Six years ago, Alison Stuckey had lost her ability to dream: her husband was a victim of the 2008 financial crisis and she was moving towards depression. She had finally transitioned from working nine-to-five after 5 years and adjusted to being a mother. But there was always something missing in her life. Alison began to […]

What You’ll Need to Be Highly Employable in 5 Years

Written by Sara Ermeti on . Posted in Business, Career & Entrepreneurship, Issues

Getting a job has never been easy. It seems it’s only getting harder. With four generations now actively working and seeking full and part time employment, the job search will become increasingly challenging as job seekers compete against larger pools of qualified candidates as well as those that are well accomplished in their career/ chosen […]

Modern Herbal Medicine: The New Answer to All Health Problems

Written by Kayla Rosen on . Posted in Fitness Fridays, Health, Fitness & Wellness, Issues

Today’s society is obsessed with health. We are constantly bombarded with new diets, fads and lifestyles that claim they will make us feel our very best. Whether it is sugar-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, organic, or raw, it is difficult to decipher what will actually keep us healthy. But what if the answer is simple? What […]

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